Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Snow falling
Snow falling from the sky

After seeing the news on Friday about a snow storm coming out way our way, I immediately thought “Hey! There is something to blog about!” I went outside Saturday night when it starting snowing and took some pictures. We were getting about an inch/hour of snow and after 36 hours it quickly accumulated. Here in western New York we have not been getting much snow this year, so I was pretty excited.

I think I got it!
Puppy Oliver playing in the snow

We got a puppy last year that some of you may of seen on my flickr site. He is about a foot tall with six inch legs and has a three foot long body. So he get some strange looks when he goes outside. Oliver loves to play in the snow and was enjoying the storm greatly. When you see this little awkward balanced dog running threw the snow you expect him to trip over his own feet, somehow he manages to keep a foot and stay up standing.

The aftermath
The aftermath of the snow storm

There was no snow on the ground when it started snowing Friday because we had a 63°F temperatures on Monday. It is nice to look out the window and see snow on the ground again. This is the most snow we have had on the ground this year, and to think it happened in the middle of March!

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6 responses to “Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

  1. Marg

    We’ve had quite enough snow now thank you! We are actually only 30cm away from an all time record snowfall year.

    We’ll probably make it :P

  2. You just love the snow because you love going snowboarding! It was very pretty though!

  3. you want snow?
    Come to my house I have plenty. :)

  4. You can keep all your snow and take mine for good measure if you like, nice shots YoungNatJ ;)

  5. That is amazing – mine is just starting to melt off (*phew* finally) and now your getting it all! Actually I love the snow. I like your first shot of the snow at night! Great idea!

  6. Marg- I am awaiting spring now, so sick of winter.
    mon@rch- Yes I do love snowboarding but I am ready for spring…now.
    toni- You can keep it! After going to the creek for the latest post I am ready for spring!
    Bernie Kasper – I am just about done with snow now. It was fun for the three days we had it!
    aullori- Thank you! Our snow here just about melted, we only have about four to five inches now!

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