Wildlife Wednesday [video]

Our dogs Lilly and Oliver playing in the snow

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9 responses to “Wildlife Wednesday [video]

  1. Great video of your puppies playing in the snow! You did a wonderful job editing this and look out future video producers! Love your title “Wildlife Wednesday”!

  2. That was a great video and I love that song. It made me smile.

  3. Great job on the video, looks like the dogs were having a great time ! :)

  4. I get all gooey when it comes to pups. (I admit willingly I watched it from beginning to end.) The credits made me laugh! That little thing that Lilly (your smaller pup I’m assuming) where she drops the ball in the snow and then kind of pounces on it – my pup does too. It makes me laugh every single time I see it because that action reminds me how foxes hunt for mice in the snow.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow

    Cute video. I love watching dogs playing. They are enjoying their outside time.

  6. Oh my what FUN! hey my cat is named Lily :)
    No relation I don’t think. hehe

  7. Next to birds, dogs are our favorite thing! We have three and they love the snow too, even the “old guy” (our 13-year-old Golden Retriever)! Nice video!

  8. mon@rch- The wildlife Wednesdays was pretty much my moms idea!
    nita from red tin heart- Thank you, I thought the song would be cute to go along with the video!
    Bernie Kasper- They love the snow so much.
    aullori- Lilly is the bigger one, Oliver is the smaller on. Oliver will just sit there all day outside doing that same thing, over and over and over!
    Lisa at Greenbow- Thank you and they sure were!
    toni- I know! I have seen her on flickr she is beautiful!
    The Birdfreak Team- Our golden (Lilly) is also thirteen years old but Oliver makes her a puppy again!

  9. Great job with the video, I love dogs and love watching them play. It was so cute seeing the one play ‘hide and seek’ with the tennis ball in the snow. Adorable!!

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