A Walk in the Creek

Creek flowing down path
Flooded path going down to the creek

With the foot of snow that we got last week and the rising temperatures, I knew there was going to be some snow melting in some of the local creeks. I will admit on the way down to the creek that I wasn’t expecting for there to be five inches of melting snow on the ground. I quickly realized that I was going to get wet with a small creek flowing under the snow that was on the path down into the creek.

Waterfall falling into the river

After finally getting down to the creek my feet were soaking wet, I lost the path and wasn’t unable to get back up the hill that I came down. I took some pictures and started following the creek to try to find a easier way to get out. After a while of walking along the shore, I found a bend in the river and needed to find a way to get out!

Deer Print in snow
Deer print in the snow

On the way to try to find an easier hill to walk up and get out of the creek; I found this perfect deer print in the snow.

Hill with font prints
The hill that I found to walk up

I finally found this hill that I was pretty sure I could walk up and realized almost instantly that it was way to steep for a normal person wearing sneakers to walk up. After getting up about half way up the hill, there was mud and leaves under the four inches of snow and found some sticks that I could used as ice picks to help get up the rest of the way. At the top, I had a ton of snow in my sneakers and had a miserably cold long walk back home. But it was nice to get out of of the house and see some nature.

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10 responses to “A Walk in the Creek

  1. Although you got wet . . . looks like a great day to be out enjoying nature. I love your waterfall photo! Great post bud!

  2. Wet cold feet yuck.
    glad you got out and had some fun taking photos.

  3. winterwoman

    Poor little naturalist boy… won’t your mommy buy you some boots? haha… That deer footprint was PERFECT.

  4. mon@rch- Yeah, it was fun and well worth it!
    toni- It was fun
    winterwoman- Yes, I do have boots, but the creek is in a valley and where I live there was no snow on the ground! Thank you!

  5. Fabulous! That first photograph is very seductive too, somehow!

  6. really great post. I did something similar last week but misjudged the amount of snow by the creek. I ended up slipping in up to the top of my thigh… I looked like a turtle on it’s back trying to turn over. :) Between you and I – my husband went into hysterics all while trying to pull me out. I loved (by the way) the deer print! great shot.

  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    Thanks for taking us along with you on your walk. That was a steep hill you came up. I like all of your photos but the waterfall is my favorite on this post. My toes are cold for you. Brrrrrr

  8. Sumedh- Thank you! The path was flooded pretty bad!
    aullori- Thank you! I was defiantly not expecting the creek and the path to be like that when I left my house!
    Lisa at Green bow- I had many pictures of different water falls down there, there were two main ones and the pictures of this one turned out the best! I was very cold!

  9. Wonderful scene and image, well done ! :)

  10. Hello, great blog!. How do I subscribe to your RSS feed to ensure I get notifed when you make new posts? Thanks

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