Memorial to the best dog ever

The best dog ever

Our dog Lily that we recently put down

Last week to this day we, as a family made the decision to put our oldest dog Lily down, she was turning 13 this year and we knew we were going to need to put her down sooner or later. I am doing this post to make a memorial to her being the best dog ever. We went to the vet last week wednesday and the vet said that she was in a lot of pain but it was amazing, we werer all suprised because she did not show any pain to us at all, she was a strong loving and caring dog that use to come to my side when I was sitting in time out after getting in trouble by my mom. When ever I use to cry she was over at my side in seconds trying to comfort me and make me feel better. This past week has been extremely hard and when ever I think about her still I start to tear up a bit. Another great thing about Lily is that she use to be the most protective dog. She use to bark in the middle of the night to people walking by and really truley cared for the hole family. I really hope to think that she is heaven looking down at us and to think that she is much happier that she would be here. She will always be in our mind and our hearts.

In memorial to the best dog in the world, Lily. (June 1996-June16, 2008)

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13 responses to “Memorial to the best dog ever

  1. I agree that Lily was the greatest dog ever and so sorry that you guys had to make this decision. I am more than sure she will always be protecting you in the good place that she is in now!

  2. Your post brought tears to my eyes! I am so sorry for your loss…I’m sure she is happy and healthy where she is….looking down on you and telling everyone what a wonderful family she had!

  3. Animals really do become part of the family. Because of their unconditional love for us we become truly attached to these wonderful pets. Lily was a beautiful dog. This is a really nice memorial for Lily.

  4. Bethany

    Sorry to hear about your dog J. It is such a tough decision especially since they don’t show how much pain they are in. I’m sure she’s looking over you…all dogs go to heaven!

  5. winterwoman

    So sorry for your loss. When my dog dies, I will be crying so loud you will hear me… She’s my buddy, and like Lily, very protective. I can relate to what you must be feeling.

  6. Jacqueline

    When animals are loved they respond with devotion. It’s really hard to lose a best friend. Lily will always live as warm memories in your heart.
    God bless you and your family.

  7. Touching memorial. You are an amazing person, truly deserving of an amazing dog.

    Your post made me cry and think of the dogs I’ve had to say goodbye to.

    I believe that dogs go to heaven because it wouldn’t be heaven without them.

  8. loriaull

    not only is it difficult to believe that you’ve ever been in trouble with your mom – it’s also heart wrenching to think that you and your family had to make this decision. This made me tear up too. I’m so sorry. Meanwhile, it sounds like both you and she had some really wonderful years together. I would hate to have to make such a brave decision and it looks like you tackled it with dignity & honor. Bravo.

  9. Sorry about the dog. RIP.

  10. I’m so sorry to read about your dog. I’ve been away for a bit or would have been hee sooner. I know how you feel. We had to put our dog down some years ago. There is nothing like the passionate love of our dogs. Sending you and your family lots of hugs.

  11. Bill ringer

    just read about Lily and am so sorry for your loss. At age 68 i bawled for 10 miles after leaving my dog to be put down. i feel your loss. dogs give unconditional love but i am certain that she was returning your love and devotion for her. i really enjoy the bird quiz

  12. Sorry to hear about your dog, I have a fifteen year old Golden Retriever/Shepherd cross who is still going strong but I can see she is slowing down. A loving dog is a great companion and friend and a part of the family.

  13. What a lovely memorial to your beloved dog. I found your blog through Nature Blog Network. You’re doing a lovely job with it. I’m very impressed with your nature knowledge.

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