Signs of Spring

Sugar Pable

Sugar Maple tree buds

With winter coming to a close and spring coming at us, I figured it has been about time for me to do a post on the sure signs of spring!  Sorry for the lower picture quality, I have recently got a new computer and have not gotta photo shop on it yet.


Tulip (Bulb) plant sprouting

With new plants springing up every day it wasn’t to to hard to find a few plants that sprout up in the early spring.  The picture above is some Tulips, often referred to as “bulb” plants.  What the bulb actually does is serve as a house for the Tulips and protects them during the winter.  Many people have Tulips in their garden’s because they don’t need much taking care of, once you plant the bulbs they sprout up on their own every year and year after year.


Another common bulb plant the Daffodil

Some of you may be thinking how do bulbs multiply, well, there is two different ways that they can reproduce.  One way is that one bulb can simply get to large and asexually divide making a replica.  The other way is that behind the pedals they will develop seed pods and the pollen from the flower itself can brush up against the seed pod and transfer, also bee’s and other insects can assist in the process.


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7 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. WOW . . . Interesting Post Bud! Sure hope you get time to do another one next week!

  2. Very nice photos of spring bulbs. Finally, we have some green to look at. Wonderful days ahead!

  3. Pam

    Yay, spring is here!! Great photos & post, J!

  4. That is one beautiful sign of spring. Still awaiting for one here. Anna :)

  5. Yes, I sure am happy that spring is finally here, it was 60 degrees out last night and when I got home from school I went on a walk with my mom, it was the first time we got to walk together this year.

  6. My first time to your blog…Its great! I really love your first photo of the sugar maple buds!

  7. Frank

    Heard a robin singing today!

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