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A Walk in the Creek

Creek flowing down path
Flooded path going down to the creek

With the foot of snow that we got last week and the rising temperatures, I knew there was going to be some snow melting in some of the local creeks. I will admit on the way down to the creek that I wasn’t expecting for there to be five inches of melting snow on the ground. I quickly realized that I was going to get wet with a small creek flowing under the snow that was on the path down into the creek. Continue reading


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What we can do to slow Global Warming

Wind Power
Construction of some Wind turbines by monarch

Global warming is having a negative impact on today’s ecosystem. It is caused when greenhouse gases mix with our clouds and solar radiation is then reflected off of the earth’s surface. The sun isn’t heating the air but heating the earths surface which is then warming the earth by winds and water currents. THE GLOBE IS GETTING WARMER!! The molecular structure of the clouds is composed of elements methane, water vapor, ozone and carbon dioxide the elements push back the radiation that comes from the ground and the process continues over and over and over. Continue reading


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