What we can do to slow Global Warming

Wind Power
Construction of some Wind turbines by monarch

Global warming is having a negative impact on today’s ecosystem. It is caused when greenhouse gases mix with our clouds and solar radiation is then reflected off of the earth’s surface. The sun isn’t heating the air but heating the earths surface which is then warming the earth by winds and water currents. THE GLOBE IS GETTING WARMER!! The molecular structure of the clouds is composed of elements methane, water vapor, ozone and carbon dioxide the elements push back the radiation that comes from the ground and the process continues over and over and over.

Comparison of global warming

The chemicals are there because of humans are burning fossil fuels and using aerosols. There are many things we can do to slow down the spread of global warming such as finding alternative power sources and using less harmful chemicals. Some of the power sources may not be ideal such as wind turbines because of the placement along the path of migrating birds. But at the same time there are other power sources such solar that can prove to be effective and cheap if you do it the right way.

Polar bears on melting ice

If we do not do anything about the global warming and the green house affect there will be no more Polar Bears like this. The ice will melt and habitat for Polar Bears will disappear. The temperature is projected to rise another 6 degrees within the next 50 years. It doesn’t sound like much but it will cause the ocean levels to rise over two feet and cause the shore lines across the world to be flooded. This will force people further inland. Global Warming will cause the amazon river to become much like the Sahara desert and New York city will also be entirely underwater! Everyone can do little things to slow the process of global warming. Little things like recycling paper or buying environmentally friendly products. WE ALL NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!

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14 responses to “What we can do to slow Global Warming

  1. Such a wonderful job on this post regarding Global Warming! We need to do everything we can to make sure we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases into the air.

  2. Bravo! Smithsonian put out an article on Doug Fine his book is coming out next month telling people like me how to do things like this; It’s called; “Farewell, My Subaru.” Me & hubby are looking into it – going solar and wind power. :) It sounds like a really neat adventure. By the way I hope your getting extra credit for this excellent blog – this is very informative!

  3. Yea you have a blog now. Wonderful!

    Yes we should all do our part to take care of the land we live in. I say bravo also for this wonderful post. I love to listen to podcasts and lately video podcasts. Here is one about your topic you might be interested in.
    go to
    then click on iceland melting.
    have fun

  4. Congratulations on your new blog. I will link your blog to Outdoors Central:


    Outdoors Central is the organizing blog for Learning in the Great Outdoors, the carnival of environmental education.

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging and cheers on your first posts. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing your photos.

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your first posts are very good. Keep it up. This world needs young people intersted in world conservation.

  7. Marg

    Excellent post-you know I read about a neat little gadget yesterday called the HY Mini

    and Solio which can charge your cell phones and Ipods by wind and sun! Worth the money I think I’m going to get one!

  8. mon@rch- Thank you! We sure do need to do a lot more stuff about global warming!
    aullori- Great, ever little think makes a difference.
    toni- Thank you, I will be sure to stick with it.
    Terrell- Thank you, I am having a blast so far.
    wren- You can count on more posts coming soon!
    Lisa at Greenbow- Thank you!
    Marg- I will look into the solar and wind power to charge an ipod. It could save money in the long run!

  9. floweret

    Wow, such nice post! The Conference I helped organised this year, the Borneo Global Issues Conference have focused perhaps not entirely but still did manage to cover on Global Warming. Last year’s with Professor Bellamy while this year we had Monty Halls! It’s just so hard to stop Global warming and yes, YNJ, we do really need to do something about this!!

    Can you imagine New York being the new Atlantis? Goodness. >.< sighs*

  10. The image of the polar bears is quite moving. I am sick of still trying to reason with people who do not “believe in global warming.” The science is in, but some people are just to stubborn to give up the superfluous luxuries of their current lifestyle.

  11. i mean what the hell is some people thinking, they don’t even care about this. They are not noticing whats happening and its right in front of them. We need to do our best to get their attention. Can’t people see our lives is in danger, we could die if we don’t do anything.

    • rrsauder

      I share your concern about caring for our environment. But I hope you realize, you will die anyway. And then, what?

      Besides, even if the polar caps are melting, where does the heat come from to cause this phenomenon? You realize, of course, that the specific heat of air is very low. The latent heat of melting is much higher than that and the specific heats of ice and water are also much greater than that of the air.

      I understand that the lower atmosphere has only warmed by less than one degree C in the past 150 years or so. I submit that there is not enough gross heat in that small increase in air temperature to melt any significant amount of polar ice.

      Also, what ever warmed the globe and saved the planet from the last ice age? Must have been mammoths passing gas.

      It sure looks like somebody is pulling somebody’s leg here.

      On another somewhat related subject: I have always been taught that during the ice ages, polar ice has flowed down from the north, dragging rocks and other debris along. No one points out that there is no significant slope to drive this tremendous load. In fact the terrain goes slightly UPHILL for hundreds of miles as one moves south from the Hudson Bay to our border with Canada. How about that?

  12. Good information!! i will definitely visit soon…

  13. There is no doubt there is climate change going on, but whether it is global warming or not will take a lot of analysis. Some places are having the worst winters they have had in many years, such as Northern England, Northern and eastern US, and China. It may be a climate shift in progress.

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